The Music Center Tel Aviv Yafo Is Preparing for the Opening of the Upcoming 2021–2022 School Year


Open Day, 10.09.2021

Registration for next year is now open!
The Curricula includes

  • Individual music lessons for all wind instruments, piano, violin, guitar, vocal development, drums and percussion instruments.
  • Group lessons in Music theory.
  • Playing in orchestras and ensembles, pending on the students' level.
  • Young choir for 3rd graders and up.
  • Oriental Music Department: oud, Oriental violin, Oriental percussion instruments, canon.
  • New!! Percussion Instruments' Department and playing in percussion ensembles.
  • Pre-instrument lessons in groups for children aged 3 to 6.

Considering which course to choose? Join our Open Day in order to meet teachers from all departments and consult them about the most suitable course for you or your children. Friday, September 10, 13:00–16:00, by prior pone registration: 03-6828393.

It is possible to attend one of our branches in the city at the following schools: Gavrieli, David Yellin and Druyanov. Further details are available in our office.

Interested or would you like to get more information? We can be reached by phone no. 03-6828393, from 13:30-19:00, or by email. (Office is on holiday between 1-14.8.21)

Music Center Tel Aviv Yafo